Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just back from seeing one of the more enjoyable shows I've seen for some time, Joseph Beuys We are the Revolution at Mary Boone Gallery. On show over one hundred and seventy five of his multiples displayed in glass covered cabinets and frames on the sky high walls. Unlike the exhibition of his work I recently saw at Dia Beacon (stacked copper covered felt bales scattered about a dimly lit room reminiscent of some murky industrial factory space) this show was light and uplifting due to (without a doubt) the beautiful curation by Pamela Kort. My 12 year old companion obviously found it also to his taste, his running commentary...boring, yuk, horrible, let's go! booooring! as we weaved our way in and out of some of the 'hottest' galleries in Chelsea finally 'zipped' and 'silenced' at Mary Boones door! If you can make it, go see the show.
Mary Boone Gallery
Dia Beacon

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