Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lorene Taurerewa Studio pics and Art by Lorene Taurerewa http://www.pinterest.com/lorenetaurerewa/art-of-lorene-taurerewa/

Lorene Taurerewa, Pinterest  http://www.pinterest.com/lorenetaurerewa/art-of-lorene-taurerewa/

    Charcoal on paper, 70in xx 60in

Lorene's Studio, Brooklyn, NY

More Watercolours below by Lorene Taurerewa

Lorene Taurerewa, Small oil on canvas, 'catch', 10in x 10in 

Lorene Taurerewa in her studio getting paintings ready for her upcoming show PAPER HAT

Lorene Taurerewa, car, oil on canvas
detail. Lorene Taurerewa, oil on canvas

Lorene Taurerewa , oil on canvas, 19in x 12in

Warwick McLeod, oil on canvas

Warwick McLeod, oil on canvas

Warwick, McLeod, watercolor

The following are images of paintings from the exhibition ECCENTRICKERY,
all are 48in x 48in, oil on canvas

Watercolours by Lorene Taurerewa  from the exhibition SLEIGHT OF HAND

Photo: my new large drawing 70in x 80in
Charcoal drawing 70in x 59in

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