Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shaquille O'Neal at Flag Art Foundation.

A vibrant and unusual show I saw recently was “Size DOES Matter,” an exhibition of large and small scale artworks selected by NBA sport star Shaquille O'Neal at the Flag Art Foundation in Chelsea. As the title of the show implies, size and scale were the key component to the overall look of the show. I don't know a THING about basketball but it is obvious O'Neal is a BIG man, weighing in at 270lbs and standing 7' 1" tall. His experiences as a man of unusual size lending the show some insight as to perceptions related to scale and size.
I liked the dramatic scale changes and mostly figurative work. Ron Mueck's giant naked Big Man, 2000, mixed media, 80 x 47 1/2 x 80 1/2 in, cowering in a corner opposite a miniature painting by Elizabeth Peyton, these just two of over 40 international artists in the show including the likes of Cindy Sherman, Anshelm Kiefer and Jeff Koons. 19 Feb - 27 May 2010
Flag Art Foundation

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